First of all, a big thank you to all MDMA members to elect me as The President of our esteemed organisation, one of the oldest & largest association of diamond industry. I wish to undertake number of initiatives for our Association, Members, Diamond sector India & for the whole of our gem-n-jewellery industry & trade.

Today, there is a huge impact of online presence & of Social media on our activities. We wish to make our website be the official mouth piece-n-voice of MDMA. Let the virtual space also be the best trading option for our every member & visitors! Here I have also focused upon a daily e-bulletin a daily update about global diamond industry. Let’s stay relevant in the global context!

As of today, India is manufacturing about 94% of the total mined diamond in the globe & we are an undisputed global leader in diamond sector! On the other hand India endeavours to attain the stature of global GJ (gem-n-jewellery) Hub equally India aspires to be a global jewellery design hub!

Being a diamantaire let’s think in the direction to attain a stature of ‘Global GJ Trading Hub’ – a capacity to offer & cater entire spectrum of GJ industry & trade. This is also the wish of our Hon. Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. Recently he cited at IDC- Mines to Market 2017, held in Mumbai.

De facto our diamond sector is facing several challenges. Again few people are trying to widen the KP definition.Although, I believe KP is the best at its mandate, there is no need to accommodate any area other than mandate! No doubt time to time the KP has adopted numbers of relevant measures & would be a more transparent to remain relevant for coming years!

Another peril point is undisclosed mixing of Synthetics! Being a global diamond leader India has taken several initiatives & has adopted ‘Zero Tolerance’ for any such commerce without morality! Even BDB has announced as a place for natural diamonds only!

One more area I am focusing herewith is a financing on diamond especially to a small diamantaires! Here I wish to say let’s be organised, let’s carry our trade-n-commerce more transparent & well chartered! Let’s have a proper inventory system to ask any bank finance. We have to think in the direction of MSME, where our government is also supporting us.

Let’s grow together!

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