One may find out an innate quality to shoulder a social responsibility in Gujaratis because of their good social fibre & accordingly Gujarati dominated MDMA has undertaken numbers of CSR activities time to time! Being one of the first trade association indeed it was its’ accountabilities too.

Because the MDMA was established in 1906, the prime social responsibility & accountability was to support Freedom Movements. It has carried numbers of support & contributed well in the pre-independent era. One may publish a separate book on such patriotism & social activities!

Even in the post independent era MDMA have shouldered CSR constantly! Virtually there is no area in CSR where MDMA has not contributed their work & activities! After 1966, major activities are being conducted with & under the GJEPC (Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council) & by 1999 under the GJNRF (Gem & Jewellery National Relief Foundation).

In the year 1970-71 (Vikram Samvant 2028) MDMA established two Charity trusts: 1: Bombay Diamond Merchants’ Association Charity Trust & 2: Bombay Diamond Merchants’ Association Relief Fund to undertake CSR activities & also tribute nation!

MDMA CSR is focused around activities that help job creation & training, carries educational responsibility, healthcare facilities perpetually. As of today MDMA is co-sponsoring GII (Gemmological Institute of India), was born in April 1971.

Apart from perpetual CSR activities, MDMA has played crucial-n-key role at droughts, floods, other natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones disasters! MDMA believes to take collective, positive, well defined-n-directed yet timely initiatives. It supports distressed people to return to normal lives, is the essence of MDMA CSR.

It is a well recorded about MDMA initiatives during the Morvi dam burst in the early '80s, notable & tremendous massive CSR had been undertaken during 1988 in drought-hit areas & also contributed huge funds at Banaskantha, Kutch & Rajkot area. Often MDMA & its office bearers & members moves out with necessary help & contribution, reaches to any such ground zero areas with immediate helping hands!

Other notable yet effective CSR activities are at natural calamities, like Latur earthquake, Kutch earthquake & at Surat flood. MDMA had also contributed during the Cyclone in Odisha, Tsunami in southern part of India. Because of having innate patriotism in being diamond merchants’ always stood at Armed forces especially during war & also Martyr family’s soreness-n-grief!

Even if diamantaires does not speaks much about such CSR activities they were at Kargil War & recently contributed their direct support to Uri Martyrs! Even at the Centenary celebration of MDMA, they undertook massive ‘Blood Donation Camp!’

Key principles of MDMA Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are, 1: Immediate help, 2: Rehabilitation Projects, 3: Medical facilities, 4: Educational facilities, 4: social upliftment programme

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