Fantastic & a magnificent celebration of MDMA Centenary event held under the presidency of Shri Navinchandra D Mehta, President-MDMA on January 12, 2008. The fascinating celebration held in the presence of Praful Patel, Union Minister of Civil Aviation, CM Maharashtra, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Subha Raul, Mayor, Mumbai, Jaywantiben Mehta, Former Union Minister of Power, CMD Gitanjali Group, Mehul Choksi & amid MDMA members, dimantaire fraternity & amid all together 20,000 players of gem-n-jewellery industry & trade.

Five major activities & notable moments had taken place in the row of centenary celebration of MDMA.

1: MDMA organised Blood Donation Drive as a part of auspicious celebration & CSR.

2: Siddhchakra Pooja had been undertaken for the growth-n-development of MDMA. Let MDMA live long till the civilisation remains!

3: With hard bond cover, a marvellous Souvenir over 400 pages gets published with endeavour of Heera Zhaveraat. That known as resource book rather than simply a souvenir of 100 years! The souvenir featured industry leaders’ key expressions for diamond industry & trade, brief MDMA history, MDMA activities, up-n-down of diamond market, CSR & also a great contribution of MDMA in the freedom struggle!

No doubt that also carried messages & best wishes from Union & State ministers too!

4: As a part of Centenary celebration Short Film premiered namely, ‘Heera Hai Sada Ke Liye’ which was Directed & Produced by Shri Rajesh Bajaj, MD-Heera Zhaveraat group. During the celebration event the film had been shown to 20K august audience! It is also well recorded glory of MDMA & its growth story of 100 years!

5: Postal stamp Commemorate the Centenary of MDMA. To honour MDMA & its growth story, their contribution to nation over the 100 years, Union Government released Commemorate Postal stamp on Centenary of MDMA! Indeed that’s a great honour from nation & Union Government to all members & a dimantaire fraternity of India!

Fully musical night celebrated on January 12, 2008 in Mumbai where everybody enjoyed glittering Stage, variety music-n-songs & variety entertainment programme. Apart from ministers & officials addresses & blessings with their support to MDMA, the event witnessed a glorious felicitation of past Committee Members on whose shoulder the MDMA grew & attained the 100 years milestone! With Shri Rajesh Bajaj other personalities also were honoured for their notable contribution in the Centenary event that to be a successful!

Formally Shri Navinchandra D Mehta, President-MDMA, delivered his Keynote address, Shri Prakash Laherchand Shah, Secretary, who delivered a warm welcome note amid 20K audience, Shri Mahendra V Gandhi, Secretary delivered brief of MDMA’s 100 years journey in a touchy way! Shri Sanjay Kothari, Chairman GJEPC lauded MDMA’s activities and at the last Shri Jaswant Parikh, Vice President, MDMA, delivered vote of thanks. Virtually he remembered every player who had been contributed in the journey of MDMA & also thanks to those players who had been contributed to see the centenary event to attain a grand success!

As of today, MDMA has embarked upon a journey to attain another Centenary...

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