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Established in 1906, MDMA (Mumbai Diamond Merchants’ Association) is one the oldest diamond trade organisation. The century old trade association is dedicated for the diamond trader, by the diamond trader & of the formed by the diamond fraternity! Since inception the Association is caring, sharing business intelligence & providing numbers of facilities-n-support to diamantaires member!

Since inception the diamond trade oriented association is wean on ‘India First’ quality! History has inked numbers of activities, support & examples about MDMA since India was struggling for Independence & post Independent too the association have undertaken numbers of activities, programmes & events that shows ‘India First’ is an innate quality of MDMA!

One of the key advantages of MDMA is Job creation. On the other hand active role in sourcing rough diamonds for diamond fraternity! Time to time carries good communication with government to see a diamond trade hassle free! Time to time numbers of activities are undertaken & supported to source rough for India.

Even in the year 1978 diamond leaders’ pursued government, a need of rough diamonds’ availability for the trade! And convinced Union Government announced a setting up of Hindustan Diamond Corporation with the mandate to make rough diamonds available to even a small diamantaires!

In the year 1970-71 (Vikram Samvant 2028) MDMA established two Charity trusts: 1: Bombay Diamond Merchants’ Association Charity Trust & 2: Bombay Diamond Merchants’ Association Relief Fund to undertake CSR activities & also tribute nation!

As of today India is manufacturing 14 diamonds out of every 15 had begun with just 10 to 12 units in Mumbai & one or two units in Surat City. First diamond import originated in the year 1954-55. Later in the year of 1966 government initiated GJEPC.

As of today, India accommodates largest global diamond bourse viz: Bharat Diamond Bourse- commenced operations in 2010, at BKC-, Mumbai where MDMA is having their ‘Diamond Hall’ spread over 20K sq ft & supports for their members to carry their smooth business abreast exporters with all those up dated amenities & security!

The ‘Diamond Hall’ BDB is a great support to their 13K members yet, until the BDB hall, members were enjoying & even as of today they enjoys a ‘Diamond Hall’ facility at opera house area, Mumbai was begin with a small ‘Hall’ at Zaveri Bazar area, Mumbai

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